Soundtrack Recordings

The Knack and How To Get It (1965)

Michael does not sing here, but you can hear his voice in dialogue excerpts from the film

Hello Dolly (1970)

Michael is featured on the songs Put On Your Sunday Clothes, Elegance, and It Only Takes A Moment

Billy (1974)

Musical adaptation of Billy Liar

Flowers For Algernon (1979)

Barnum (1981)

Phantom of the Opera (1987)

Original cast album with Michael in his most famous role as the Phantom with Sarah Brightman as Christine and Steve Barton as Raoul.

Once Upon A Forest (1993)

Michael is the voice of Cornelius the badger and is heard in the song Please Wake Up

David Foster Christmas Album (1993)

Contains the songs performed on the David Foster Christmas Special which aired December 1993. Michael sings O Holy Night

EFX (1995)

Soundtrack of the Las Vegas production which Michael starred in as the "EFX Master" 1995-1996

The Millenium Chorus (2000)

This is a collection of songs inspired by the life and message of Jesus Christ.Michael sings How Still How Silent on the album.

Child Of The Promise (2000)

Michael and several Christian recording artists get together to tell the story of the birth of Jesus Christ in modern music. Michael performs the part of Zacharias on this CD.

My Favorite Broadway- The Love Songs (2001)

This is a collection of songs from the PBS program taped in October 2000 and broadcast throughout US PBS stations in March 2001. Michael performs Music Of The Night and the My Fair Lady medley (I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face and The Rain In Spain).

The Woman in White (2004)

This is the soundtrack recording of the musical adaptation of the Wilkie Collins novel by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Michael stars as the heavyweight villain Count Fosco.

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Wall-E (2008)

This is the soundtrack recording for the delightful movie about a robot left alone after all the humans left Earth on a giant rocket ship to escape the blight on Planet Earth. It includes Michael's songs from the movie Hello Dolly, Put on Your Sunday Clothes and It Only Takes A Moment.

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