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Michael Crawford International Fan Association (MCIFA)

Officially Sanctioned and Authorized by Michael Crawford

In 1991, I was fortunate to have seen Michael perform as the Phantom during his brief return to the Los Angeles cast of "Phantom of the Opera" at the Ahmanson. His performance left such an impression on me that I purchased a copy of his The Phantom Unmasked album and wrote him a letter.

By strange coincidence, I had purchased a copy of the book The Complete Phantom Of The Opera on the way home from work and when I got home I found a letter from Michael in the mail. In addition to the letter was an autographed photo of him and an invitation to join the MCIFA. I had deliberated for a few weeks and finally sent in my application after having to look at a box at work that said "CRAWFORD" in big bold letters for one full week to the point of driving me bonkers.

At some member events, there is a fleeting chance that Michael may make an appearance. But even if he doesn't show up I wouldn't mind. It's being with my friends that counts.

The MCIFA does more than just provide members with up-to-the-minute news about Michael's professional life and a means of easily getting tickets to his performances. The welfare of children is dear to Michael's heart, so the MCIFA supports the Sick Children's Trust, Lighthouse Foundation, World Vision, Project Linus, and Free Arts For Abused Children. Michael always admonishes us to "think of the children". Members in the US participate in the MS Walk, which is held every spring in April. Following are some photos of MCIFA activities from my collection

A quilt that we made for Michael

The quilt under construction

Back side of the quilt. Members traced their hands onto fabric and embroidered their names on them

Front side of the quilt. Large squares are scenes of Michael's career and small pieces are members' names and membership numbers.

Michael was presented with his quilt at the 1996 birthday celebration in Las Vegas

Team MCIFA in Los Angeles at the 2008 MS Walk

Items for raffle to support one of MCIFA's charities

Having fun celebrating MC's birthday(he wasn't there)

Sometimes we get together just to have a little fun

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