I first became acquainted with Michael Crawford in 1991 when I saw him perform in "The Phantom of the Opera", and became a fan of his soon thereafter.This site was first launched in 2000.

In 2004, Chris Leggett of the site Teletext.co.uk had visited this site and contacted me to conduct an interview by email regarding my thoughts on Michael. The transcript of this interview can be found by clicking on the following link:

Interview for Teletext.co.uk

It is great to be back online again! A few years back, the server that had hosted this site had suddenly shut down, and I got too busy with other things to find a new server and maintain the site. Recently I found a new server to host the site and also decided to do a redesign. So come on in, and you'll see that there is much more to Michael than him playing the Phantom in the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, "Phantom of the Opera". And while you are here, do visit my Guestbook.

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